25% Water Saving For Safestyle UK

Customer — Safestyle

Industry — Glass Manufacturing

Equipment Supplied — A break tank and booster set system with new twin duplex water softeners and new twin 900ltr RO systems


Safestyle UK approached us to help them improve the efficiency of an essential process. Their glass washing machine was being fed by two small water softening plants and reverse osmosis (RO) systems, but they were experiencing failures with double glazed units.

The main issue was the water pressure, which was too low and causing the system to constantly trip out. The operators were having to bypass the system and use raw water to work around this, resulting in quality issues in the end product.


The situation was becoming a major concern for Safestyle UK, so they asked us to design a system to rectify the problem. Our senior engineer visited the site to assess the problem. It was clear Safestyle UK required high quality pure water in large volumes.


We recommended a break tank and booster set system. This fed new twin duplex water softeners and new twin 900ltr RO systems, which were built at our workshop. Safestyle UK also wanted to improve water efficiency, so we designed a system that reused the waste stream from the ROs.

We fed the waste stream from the ROs into a tank. Because the water is soft but high in conductivity, it’s suitable to be used on the glass cutting machines, therefore saving water.


Safestyle UK is now using 100% of the water from the RO system, as opposed to sending 25% to drain. They are very happy with this outcome as it enables them to produce high quality products while keeping up with demand.