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We have an energetic, vibrant and young at heart team who are always willing to go the extra mile. Experienced engineers are supported by knowledgeable friendly sales and office staff. The team is the key to our success, getting the right team in place affects our ability to effectively deliver our core values and vision to our customers, suppliers and contractors.

All our team support our core values and vision for the business and are a fantastic support to our customers.

Waves Waves
Waves Waves

A Team Of
Passionate Engineers

At Excel Water, we train externally and in-house to ensure new engineers benefit from experienced engineers. We also provide our clients with value for money and a high level of expertise from our engineers. To train as a water treatment engineer takes years and is a very specialist area as there are so many diverse types of treatment and equipment.

We have a selection of specialist engineers from Technical and Project engineers, Installation engineers to senior engineers. Because we are the experts, we take the hassle out of water, freeing you up to do what you love.

Emma Armitage

Managing Director

Phil Labbett

Business Improvement Manager

Suzanne Whitham-Lindley

Head of Sales and Marketing

Joshua Oxley

Engineering Manager

Jessica Dodgson

Associate Finance Officer

Ryan O’Leary

Projects & Technical Engineer

Jamie Cunliffe

Water Treatment Engineer

Melissa Bates

Service Co-ordinator & Receptionist

Robert Armitage

Apprentice Water Treatment Engineer

Poppy Armitage

Apprentice Water Treatment Engineer

Matthew Olivant

Service Engineer