Inline Health & Beauty – Leeds

Improving an RO system for Inline Health & Beauty

“We were particularly impressed by the quick response from Excel when they were called out. They were also helpful in terms of ensuring we could still produce water while we got to the bottom of the issue. We were breaking down every few weeks and thanks to Excel, we no longer are.”

– Christian Cain, MD

Inline Health & Beauty are a market-leading UK manufacturer of health and beauty products, which they develop and produce from their base in Leeds, Yorkshire.

They were having some issues with their Reverse Osmosis unit, which was continuously trying to produce water and leading to frequent system failures. While we didn’t build or install the existing system, we knew we could find a cost-effective way to help improve it.

The Requirement:

Inline had previously been told the water pump was running dry. They had a new pump fitted but wanted us to look at and modify their Reverse Osmosis system in order to prevent any future failures and ensure it was running correctly.

The Solution:

The RO system at Inline used a holding tank. We modified the system to bypass the holding tank and ensure the system had a direct feed it could use to produce water. This solution was successful as it means that Inline now only need to switch the system on when they need it.


While the recirculation tank still needs time to fill up, Inline Health & Beauty have experienced no system failures since our modifications.