Orean Personal Care

Supplying and installing RO systems across two continents for Orean


“I am delighted with the collaborative project and appreciated the advice Excel offered when discussing ideas. I’m happy to have delivered a project that ran like clockwork and was within budget. An all-round very successful project.”

Paul Goddard, Operations Manager, Orean Personal Care


Orean Personal Care is an award-winning private label cosmetics company that operates across the UK and the US. Orean brings brand concepts to life by developing premium skin and hair care products that meet strict industry standards.

Orean reached out to us as it needed a trusted water treatment company to supply and install two Reverse Osmosis systems – one at the business’s UK base in Cleckheaton and another in the US.

The requirement:

Orean wanted to upgrade the quality of the water on its Cleckheaton site with the use of a new Reverse Osmosis system. The business manufactures products for globally recognised brands, so quality is important. Upgrading its water quality means that Orean can create an even more premium offering, allowing the business to further diversify its client base.

Orean had also identified the need for a manufacturing site in the United States. Historically, Orean had been sending UK-manufactured products over to the US and this had worked well – the brand has enjoyed a solid presence for around 7 years. However, as the market share in the US grew it became evident that a US manufacturing base was required. Orean wanted to ensure it could replicate the same quality that was being created in the UK, so it was important that the same Reverse Osmosis system was used.

Paul Goddard, Operations Manager at Orean, knew of Excel Water as he had used our services in a previous role. He was keen to work with us again as he knew we could work together effectively to get the project over the line. It was important to Orean that the work was carried out with a company that was able to take on a collaborative project rather than simply offering a turn-key solution. Due to Paul’s knowledge and experience in working with these types of projects before, this collaborative approach was welcomed by all.

The solution:

We manufactured two Reverse Osmosis units at our site in Yorkshire, with the first installed at Orean’s Cleckheaton site. While there was limited internal floor space here, it was important to the client to future-proof the business with this new equipment. To do this, a containerized plug-and-play option was created to house the RO system. This had already been done with its CAT5 break tank and boilers, and makes a future expansion move much more efficient; the system works brilliantly and will be easy to move once the time comes to do so.

Coordinating the US side of the project was a little more challenging. We had to keep in mind time zones, distance, and the logistics of getting the second plant in place. Due to pre-planned installation options and the rigid processes that we have in place, along with solid communications between all parties, the installation went smoothly. Some clever engineering with the valve configuration was also implemented, which makes the whole system more efficient.


With our water treatment expertise and great communication with the client, the project ran smoothly. We successfully manufactured, delivered and installed two new Reverse Osmosis systems for Orean on two separate continents, on time and on budget – much to the customer’s satisfaction.