Reducing chemical use for a large personal care company.


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Cleenol approached us to help reduce their dependency on chemical preservatives for use within their hand soaps and body lotions. The site already utilised our EX Power 300 Demin Plant within their manufacturing process but still required chemical preservatives to reduce the potential for their products to experience bacterial growth and increase the shelf life.


Our customer requested a site visit with our Design and Technical Engineer to see how they could reduce the use of chemical preservatives within their products which would create a more natural and kinder to the skin product.


From this visit, the water source was investigated and found to be the source of the bacteria that  required the use of the chemical preservatives. We then recommended an Ultra Violet system with two stage sediment filters were installed to ensure the complete removal of the bacteria.


The system was installed within the specified and safe area as requested by Cleenol right where the mains water entered the factory. The UV system was then added to the service contract along with the existing Demin Plant to ensure the system was maintained and the filters being replaced as and when required by Cleenol. This resulted in lowering the use of chemical preservatives and making a kinder environment with less raw materials used.


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