Power Health Products

Supplying a supplement manufacturer with a pure water supply

We came up with a solution that means Power Health has an efficient water system that provides pure water in a large volume.

Power Health has been manufacturing Health Food supplements, sports nutrition and natural hair and skin care products in Yorkshire since 1972. They reached out to us as they needed a solution that would provide them with a pure water supply.

The requirement

We needed to supply Power Health with an efficient, pure water system. The manufacturer required high-quality, pure water in a large volume. For the most effective solution, the system needed a total of 6 drop points, which would enable Power Health to fill up different water tanks at different rates.

The main challenge we were faced with during the installation was ensuring that there was no crossing of the pipework between the flow, the test tap and the return. We also needed to ensure that there were no leaks in the system.

The solution

Seeing the process through from start to finish, we firstly assisted with the design and build of the equipment. We continued with the installation and commissioning of the final solution.

As we usually install in a local area when the equipment is installed, this project was unique in how much pipework needed to be fitted around the factory.

For the solution, we used:

  • Duplex Water Softening Plant
  • Soft Water Brake Tank
  • Carbon Filter Reverse Osmosis Unit
  • Recirculation System with Ultraviolet Filtration and an Antibacterial Filter


We were able to provide Power Health with high-quality reverse osmosis water that was bacteria-free. We assisted throughout the project, overseeing the design, build, installation and commissioning of the solution.