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    UV Water Treatment Systems

    Kills bacteria in your water system

UV Systems

UV Water Treatment Systems

Kill bacteria with UV light water filters

UV filter for water supply – when to use one

What are the typical uses for UV water treatment systems?

UV water sterilisers create high purity water. They are used to create drinking water from wells, boreholes, springs and other untreated water supplies. UV water treatment systems can be installed within a system before the point of use and for recirculating loops.

How does an ultraviolet water filter treatment system work?

A UV light water filter comprises of a stainless steel chamber with UV water steriliser lamps inside. Inside the stainless steel chamber runs a sleeve made of special quartz glass, which is transparent to UV rays, and a UV lamp inside this.

The sleeve is sealed into a chamber at each end creating a water jacket around the lamp. Water enters the chamber at one end and exists at the opposite end. The water passes through the chamber it and is exposed to the ultraviolet rays.

The ultraviolet light kills bacteria and micro-organisms, increasing the water purity and making it safe for drinking.




Do you need anything additional to a UV filter for a water supply?

In private water supplies, the UV light water filter is the last part of the water treatment system. A sediment filter is normally fitted just before the ultraviolet water filter, this stops particles getting through to the UV, behind which bacteria can hide.

What are the benefits of a UV water treatment system?

  1. Chemical free process

UV water purification doesn’t use chlorine, biocides, or other chemicals. The ultraviolet water filter does all the work. It is a safer and more environmentally friendly process.

  1. Kills microorganisms and bacteria

UV water sterilisers destroy microorganisms in water including viruses and pathogenic bacteria, making water safe for drinking.

  1. No change to the taste or appearance of water

There is no change to the colour, pH, taste, or smell of the water treated using UV light.

  1. Efficient and fast water treatment process

UV water treatment systems purify water quickly and efficiently. The right size UV light water filter disinfects the required volume of water in one cycle.

  1. Low maintenance and operating costs

UV purification systems have no moving parts, meaning they require less servicing and maintenance. The UV lamps are replaceable and there is no chemical cost.

  1. Remove other contaminants

UV water treatment can de-chlorinate and de-ozonate water. It be used to make ultra-pure water when designed with high water purity in mind.

  1. Use them with existing systems

It’s common to use a UV filter for a water supply with other treatment stages. Because of their easy install, UV systems can be added to an existing water treatment system.

  1. Compact water treatment systems

UV light water filters are compact. The dose (mg/cm²) required for a volume of water is determined by UV intensity, not the size of the unit. A UV water treatment system can be fitted to a wall to save floor space.


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