• Industrial Nano Filtration Systems

    Industrial Nano Filtration Systems

    Soft drinking water delivered through new membrane technology

Nano Filtration Systems

How Nano Filtration Systems work

Nano Filtration is a technique used for the removal of particles of 10 nano metres and lower. The separation process is derived from spiral wound crossflow membrane technology giving softened drinking water without sodium content to drain / salt cost produced by water softeners.

The Nano Filtration process comprises of two waters separated by a membrane one of a high concentration of dissolved solids and one with a low concentration. The membrane will only allow particles 10nm water to pass through leaving the majority of the solids behind.

As this process proceeds, the concentration of solids in the water on the high-pressure side is increased and if this were allowed to continue fouling would eventually occur. To prevent this a proportion of the water on the high concentration side is continually discharged to drain allowing fresh water to enter the system and dilute the solids level. The discharge water is known as the ‘reject’ water.


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