• Legionella risk assessment in Yorkshire

    Legionella risk assessment in Yorkshire

Legionella risk assessment

Get a Legionella risk assessment for your business

Get a Legionella risk assessment including a full report with recommendations for Legionella control and compliance. Stay compliant with the regulations for effectively controlling legionella.



Why have a Legionella risk assessment?

Legionella is the common term given to a group of bacteria that can cause Legionnaire disease. Legionnaires disease is a type of pneumonia. Besides affecting the lungs it may also have serious effects on other organs of the body. Infection is caused by inhaling airborne droplets or particles containing viable legionella which are small enough to pass deep into the lungs and deposited in the alveoli.

Legionella is a bacterium found in some UK water supplies and certain processes increase the risk of this bacteria developing. Having a Legionella risk assessment prevents the risk of staff or the public from contracting these diseases through your business’s water.

The assessment makes sure your water is safe and provides evidence your business is complying with UK Legionella regulations. Those in breach of regulations face substantial fines and are at risk of causing illness or death.


Get easy to understand results and actions

Our assessment has been designed to take the hassle out of compliance by offering no-nonsense advice, support, and remedial work. It’s a clear and straightforward process.

  1. Site visit and Legionella risk assessment takes place
  2. Report is sent to you with traffic light risk levels flagged
  3. Recommendations are included to fix any risk areas
  4. We indicate work that needs doing by yourself, us, or a third party
  5. We quote for any work and explain servicing required




Why is our Legionella risk assessment different from others?


Get a process for managing and maintaining your business’s compliance

Many companies overload you with paperwork, blind you with science, then charge large amounts for remedial work. Some of the work you can do easily, such as weekly flushing or temperature checks. We advise you how to do this yourself and work with you to help you establish compliant processes for your staff to follow.


What does the site visit involve?

It’s a guided walk around your site. We identify areas that need controlling, and we look at relevant documents, training, logbooks, and flushing regimes. Our findings are compiled in your report.

The report includes pictures of your site, detailed notes, a summary of the actions required. We also send a full schematic drawing of your system to help you understand problem areas.

We can do another visit to your site to go through your report in person and produce quotes for any work. If the work isn’t something we do, we’ll direct you to a company who can do it for you.


See what easy maintenance can be done yourself

We work with you to carry out the initial assessment and spend time making sure you understand any remedial works required to make sure you comply.

You are under no obligation to have work done by us following the report. If there’s servicing that can be carried out by someone within your business, we tell you what’s needed.



What’s the cost of a Legionella risk assessment?

We base the price on the size of your building or the number of buildings we need to survey, and how far we need to travel to get there. Get in touch with us to price up your Legionella risk assessment accurately.

Legionella risk assessment costs vary, but it is a legal requirement to show you have assessed your risks and it’s worth spending the money to potentially avoid millions of pounds in fines.

You want to know your business is fully compliant. Legionella risk management isn’t something you should take on alone. Let us take the hassle out of compliance assessment and give you peace of mind your business is doing the right things to minimise risk.



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