The Top 3 Benefits of Commercial Water Treatment Systems Revealed

The Top 3 Benefits of Commercial Water Treatment Systems Revealed

Jessica Dodgson - 16th Nov 2023

The top three benefits of commercial water treatment systems – revealed


We all know that not using pure process water for manufacturing processes can lead to poor quality products. But what many businesses don’t know, is that it’s really simple to prevent this from happening with the right water treatment equipment and advice.


Quality control is one of the main benefits of water treatment. And for businesses to eradicate the risk of product defects and damage, all they need to do is install and maintain a water treatment system.


However, for all the benefits, and there are several (including the point above), lots of companies don’t go down this route. This is mainly because they think commercial water treatment systems are too expensive to buy and run, use lots of consumables and energy and are difficult to maintain.


Before we reveal the other two main benefits of using commercial water treatment systems, we’d like to spend a minute addressing these ‘sticking points’ one point at a time because you’d be amazed at how many businesses get caught up on them.


Commercial water treatment systems:


  • Are too expensive to buy and run’– this couldn’t be further from the truth. While, as with all business investments they involve an initial outlay, there are all sorts of different systems, of all sorts of sizes and capabilities out there, that can be tailored to different budgets. Plus, it’s important to mention here that they can prevent expensive downtime and defaults, saving valuable time and money in the long run.


  • Use a lot of consumables and energy’ – If the system is designed correctly it will not use too much energy or many consumables, we use invertor driven pumps where possible which ramp up and down slowly reducing energy usage.


  • Are difficult to maintain’ – as with cars, if you look after your water treatment system, it’ll run well and look after you. Regular maintenance and monitoring is essential for making sure your water continues to meet the required standards. This maintenance is routine if you ask a water treatment specialist like us to take care of it for you.


So, that’s those myths addressed, let’s move back to main benefits of installing commercial water treatment systems.


Benefit #1: Quality control


As mentioned above, we know that water treatment improves quality control by supplying processes and equipment with clean water. It also provides businesses with peace of mind that their water is of the required purity level.


Benefit #2: Reduced downtime


Another main benefit is the reduced downtime and increased efficiencies that treated water provides. When a business installs an effective treatment system, there’s no chance of hard or impure water causing delays or, worst case scenario, stopping production schedules.


Benefit #3: Water savings


And finally, there’s the reduced water wastage. Manufacturing processes fueled by poor water supplies invariably send more water to drain on an on-going basis to compensate for the fact the water quality isn’t 100% spot on. Plus, additional water required is to re-do those poor quality end products.


If your business outputs depend on having a constant supply of pure process water, then commercial water systems are undoubtedly the proven solution. One of our clients, Caldic, couldn’t be without theirs:


I’m happy to say that in five years we haven’t lost so much as an hour’s production through our demin water treatment plant. It produces a water quality of less than 1µ/cm, which means we’re able to supply our customers with a first-class product.”


For more information about how commercial water treatment systems can boost your quality control and reduce costs, contact us on 0113 232 0005 or We’ll book a free site visit to assess your situation and recommend the best system based on your requirements.

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