• Water Treatment Consumables

    Water Treatment Consumables


In addition to providing high quality water treatment and purification products and excellent sales and servicing, we can also supply replacement materials and water treatment consumables such as:

For use in Water Softening Plants, this can be ordered per tonne or per bag.

For use in Water Softening Plants, De ionizing Plants again this can be ordered per tonne or per bag.

In dechlorination plants and for the removal of organics. Free delivery for orders over a tonne.

Filter cartridges/elements
These can be supplied in a variety of styles, end fittings, lengths such as standard 10” to 20” big blues, materials and micron range from 1-100 microns.

We can supply all types of membranes including standard ESPA 1 4040’s, 8040’s, Pollet Pool Membranes, Desalination Sea Water Membranes and many other brands.

As we are a Grundfos partner, we can supply all sizes of Grundfos pumps for your site. 

Dosing Pumps
We can supply you with various types of dosing pumps, tailored for your requirements.

Other Products
Tanks, Booster sets, Vessels, Valve spares, Softener Service Packs


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