How do UV water systems work?

How do UV water systems work?

Jessica Dodgson - 17th Oct 2023

Are you wondering if a UV water system is the solution for you? Find out about ultraviolet water systems and how they work with our round-up of the most frequently asked questions.

What is a UV system?

An ultraviolet water treatment system (UV system) cleans water, killing bacteria and creating a fresh supply of drinking water. They are used to create safe, drinkable water from untreated water supplies including wells, boreholes and springs.  They are also used to prevent bacteria building up in treated water systems.

How do UV water filters work?

The system uses UV lamps which produce ultraviolet rays strong enough to kill bacteria and micro-organisms. This cleans the water to make it safe for drinking. Here’s how:

  • The filter contains a stainless steel chamber with the UV water steriliser lamps inside. The lamp is held in a sleeve of quartz glass which the water flows around.
  • Water enters the chamber at one end and is exposed to ultraviolet rays before exiting at the opposite end.
  • The strong UV rays provide energy that kills micro-organisms and bacteria present in the water, leaving disinfected water.

Who would benefit from a UV water system?

There are many great benefits of a UV water system:

  • They’re chemical-free, making them a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to systems that use chemicals, as there are no by-products.
  • They’re strong enough to destroy viruses and pathogenic bacteria, making water safe for drinking.
  • Unlike some other water treatment systems, a UV system doesn’t alter the taste, appearance or PH balance of the water.
  • They’re quick and efficient, with low maintenance and operating costs.

Anyone looking for a fast, easy way to clean their drinking water could benefit from a UV system. This could range from people looking to filter their personal water supply in their homes to large businesses, corporations and public buildings like hospitals.

What is the cost of a UV water filtration system?

Our UV water systems are available in a variety of sizes so prices can vary depending on elements like lamp power, flow rate and overall length. Please get in touch if you’d like to talk through your options in more detail.

What are the disadvantages of a UV water purifier?

There are a few things to be aware of if you’re considering a UV water treatment system:

  • Although the phrase ‘UV filter system’ is common, it’s important to note that a UV water system doesn’t technically filter impurities from water. Often, a UV filter is the final part of a treatment system and works in conjunction with a pre-filter, which can filter out particles and sediment.
  • As a UV water system doesn’t alter the taste, odour or colour of water, if you’re actively looking to improve the taste of your drinking water another system may be more beneficial.
  • As UV systems require lamps, they need electricity to work. Some may find this limiting, particularly in rural locations.

How long do UV water filters last?

UV systems are very low maintenance; they have no moving parts and require less servicing than other systems, so will last many years. The parts, including the lamps, do need to be replaced however.

The UV lamp needs to be changed once a year or after around 9,000 hours the UV light will continue to work but the effectiveness of the UV will be depleted. The quartz sleeve and seal kit are changed when they are starting to show signs of deterioration.

Are UV water filters safe?

UV water filters are very safe. They don’t use chemicals, don’t create any by-products that can be harmful and are an effective way to remove micro-organisms and bacteria from water.

The only time a UV water system would be unsafe would be if it was the only system used in a case where stronger filtration is required. UV rays cannot remove loose particles and containments like sediment and metals, so in some cases would need to be used alongside a pre-filter.

We hope this blog helped you understand more about UV water treatment systems. If you have any more questions or want to chat about how a UV water system could work for your business, get in touch today.

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