Demin vs Reverse Osmosis

Demin vs Reverse Osmosis

Jessica Dodgson - 6th Jul 2023


This is something that has been a long-standing debate. The truth of the matter is that there is no Demin versus Reverse  Osmosis debate anymore as both systems have come a long way. The question is now ‘what is the best system for your site’?

EX Power Demin Plant EX Reverse Osmosis Series
– Acid and caustic required to regenerate. – No harmful chemicals or regeneration required.
– No softening pre-treatment necessary. – Pre-treatment of a water softening plant or       anti-scalant dosing is required.
– No reject water when in service. – 25% typical reject water when in service.
-Can achieve a quality of <1µs/cm      (Depending on incoming water quality) – Can achieve a quality of <1µs/cm with either  double pass, a ‘resin’ polisher or EDI treatment (Depending on incoming water quality)
– Compact footprint – Larger footprint than demin but can be designed to reduce.


There are various reasons for a specific plant to be chosen for a certain site, whether it be down to the flow rate / volume of water required, space limitations, cost or the importance of no hazardous chemicals on site.

The fantastic thing is that here at Excel Water, we build our own plant in house, by our own engineers which can be modified to the customer’s own unique specification. Our aim is to find the most cost  effective, appropriate solution for your organisation based on a range of factors which are ascertained during the initial site survey.

We can turn your existing water quality into whatever water quality you need it to be.

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