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Meet the team – Business Development Manager, Lucy Milner

Meet our newest member of the team – Lucy Milner 

There are three core components to our industry-leading business – our excellent products, our professional service, and last, but by no means least, our experienced staff.

Our team is made up of some of the most skilled professionals within the commercial water treatment industry. Some of them have been in the field for decades while some of our equally-important employees, have just joined us, like our new Business Development Manager, Lucy Milner.

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What does demineralisation plant servicing involve?

What does demineralisation plant servicing involve?

Within the world of commercial water treatment, there are standard water treatment systems and there are specialist water treatment systems.

As with most things that are more specialised, specialist water treatment systems require specialist maintenance. In this blog, we’re going to focus on what’s required to maintain one specialist water treatment system in particular – demineralisation plants.

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Water Treatment Plant Service Engineer

We’re seeking a Water Treatment Plant Service Engineer

We’re a rapidly expanding water treatment company which has been providing customers with a thorough, high-quality service for the past 25 years. We specialise in providing water solutions for customer applications and provide them with bespoke solutions for any water treatment issues they may have.

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An inside guide to assessing water quality and purity

Water quality – An inside guide to assessing purity 

Water plays an integral part in product quality. Poor water quality = poor end product.

However, assessing how clean your water is isn’t as simple as turning on a tap and seeing how clear it looks. It takes considerable insight to assess the true state of your commercial water supply, not to mention the relevant equipment.

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What’s the secret to our 98% success rate?

Excel Water Vision and Values

We have a 98% success rate with our water treatment customers

Most organisations say how good they are, but how many of them can back it up?

Fortunately, for our existing and potential customers, we can do both with confidence. And it’s all thanks to our 98% success rate, which we’re incredibly proud of and have managed to retain for the last 20 years.

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