• Commercial Water Softening Systems

    Commercial Water Softening Systems

    Removes the hardness from your water and stops scaling issues

Commercial Water Softening Systems

How do Commercial Water Softeners work?

Water softeners work by a process know as ion exchange. The hard water passes through a high-quality cation exchange resin column inside a pressure vessel.

The resin removes the positively charged Calcium and Magnesium ions from solution and exchanges them for the ions of Sodium. When the resin becomes exhausted it is regenerated by drawing a solution of common salt called brine through the column. During regeneration, the hard metal ions are then released from the resin and replaced again with those of Sodium from the brine. The unwanted ions are flushed to drain along with the excess brine. Regeneration takes between 60 to 180 minutes depending on the size of the softener.

Which one is right water softening system for me?

There are two main types of water softener in the water treatment industry a Simplex Water Softener and a Duplex Water Softener.


Simplex Water Softening Plant

A simplex water softener has to regenerate every so often depending on flow rate and usage. They are best suited to consistent demand applications of moderate total water consumption. Regeneration is controlled by the multiport valve head assembly. Time clock and delayed regeneration meter controlled softeners are normally programmed to regenerate at 2.00am or at a convenient period of low water usage.

Duplex Water Softening Plant

A duplex water softener supplies a constant supply of softened water. This is essential for companies who need to run their plant 24 hours. Duplex systems use two resin columns; one in service with the second on standby. The water flow to service is metered and when the service column is exhausted, the control valve automatically switches back to the first column again. Duplex softeners are normally sized to give one regeneration per column per day, but each column can be regenerated more frequently if required. Parallel run systems with both vessels on line at the same time are available.


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