How much space is needed for a water treatment plant?

How much space is needed for a water treatment plant?

If it’s become clear your water needs treating, the next step is to investigate the type of system needed. This is done by having a site survey and conducting water testing.

Water testing provides an accurate view of what minerals and bacteria need removing to increase the purity of your water supply. From this, you will find out what kind of water treatment system you need and understand more about the process for treating your water.

Making space for a water treatment plant

You might be concerned you don’t have the extra space on site for the equipment. But every water treatment plant is chosen based on the customer’s needs and their operation. We help you accommodate the equipment into your operation without disruption.

What are the typical sizes for a water treatment plant?

  • The smallest plant we manufacture goes on a standard L frame, measuring 1350mm (height) x 1000 (width) x 770mm (depth).
  • The largest plant we manufacture is 1900mm (height) x 3800mm (width) x 750mm (depth).

You can see there’s quite a bit of difference in size. It’s not possible to tell for certain how much space is needed for a water treatment plant until we’ve assessed your water supply and operation.

Is any extra room needed for the equipment?

It’s likely your water treatment plant will need equipment such as tanks and pumps. Space must be calculated to allow for these extra items and to ensure people have enough room to work on them for servicing and general maintenance.

What happens when space is restricted?

We’d suggest extending or creating a sheltered area outdoors to house water treatment equipment. It needs to be protected from the elements and the conditions need to be dry and well-lit for maintenance to be carried out all times of the day and night.

We hope this has answered your questions around making room for water treatment equipment. For advice specific to your business, contact us on 0113 232 0005 or