Which industries does commercial water filtration benefit?

Commercial water filtration systems supply all kinds of organisations with water. High quality water is required for drinking or within processes, such as cleaning or manufacturing. In the production of goods made with water, such as food and beverages or the production of mouthwash or AD Blue for example, pure water is essential.

For businesses looking to create a consistent supply of high-quality water for either processes or consumption, there are different options as water purification happens via various methods.

The type of water filtration system required depends on the quality of the water and how much is required. Find out more about determining the most efficient system in this guide: How to maximise water purification – the steps taken.

In terms of industries and businesses which can benefit from commercial water filtration, there are 3 main groups. We’ve looked at them below:


Hospitals and healthcare providers

Pure water is essential for cleaning, sterilising, and general hygiene procedures in medical settings, such as hospitals, doctors, and dentist surgeries. Because so much water is used in constant supply in medical and healthcare settings, many facilities have their own borehole and water treatment systems to keep them supplied.


Hospitality and leisure sector

The preparation and service of food is always improved by commercial water filtration, removing minerals and impurities like chlorine that are found in mains water supplies.

Hotels and leisure centres may also have pools, spas, and bathing facilities to supply with pure water. Restaurants, hotels, and similar businesses often use cleaning equipment, such as commercial laundry and dishwashing machines and large boilers for heating. Using quality water in these machines reduces scale build up and increases efficiency.


Manufacturing and production

It’s essential to use high-quality or pure water within many manufacturing operations. This is particularly true for food, drink, and pharmaceutical production, where impure water would compromise the safety of the end products, making them unusable.

Water purity is of significance in the production of products like cars and glass, where water is used for processes, rather than within the end product. Treated water reduces the impact of minerals and hard water deposits that disrupt or damage operations and cause downtime.

Find out more about pure water in manufacturing in this blog: Manufacturers – this is how clean your water needs to be.

We hope this has given you an idea of how commercial water filtration can benefit different sectors. For advice specific to your business, contact us today on 0113 232 0005 or sales@excelwater.co.uk.