How to maximise your water purification – the steps to be taken

Answered: How to maximise your water purification

Water purification is essential for many businesses, such as manufacturers of glass, food and drinks, cars, pharmaceuticals and hygiene products. Without access to a quality supply of pure water for processes, the end products can become substandard and unusable.

The system required for water purification will be different for each business, depending on their water quality and what they use it for. If a business is needing softer water, this may involve one piece of kit, and for purer water, a full system is generally required.

How to maximise your water purification – what steps are taken?


Initial discussion and assessment

We talk to a business and they tell us what quality of water they are trying to achieve and for what purposes. We carry out a site visit to assess the current situation before recommending a system and service plan.

During a site visit, the engineer will find out exactly how the water is being used and if it needs to meet a certain specification. They’ll assess whether it’s mains or bore hole water supply and find out specifically what needs removing from the water supply.

Recommendations and implementation

Improving water quality in order to maximise your water purification might involve a few things. The engineer may service existing equipment to ensure it is working correctly and check good maintenance procedures are in place.

Testing the water will determine what’s causing problems and a system can be designed from this information. In most cases, the engineer will recommend a combination of equipment to strike the right balance. Once built, the system is tested and tweaked to ensure it results in maximum water purification.

Maintenance and aftercare

It’s important water purification systems are maintained to keep them performing. This could involve topping up substrates, cleaning machinery, and general operational checks. Your engineer will tell you what’s required and offer advice for minimising downtime.   

Following proper operational, maintenance and hygiene practices is an important part of ensuring your water quality stays at the required level. In most cases, we recommend a service plan for your water purification system, where an engineer will service your system periodically to keep it working at its optimum.

How to maximise your water purification – how long does the process take?

How long your system takes to design and implement depends on the scale of the system and your timescales, but from initial enquiry, it can be from 2 to 8 weeks.

Look at our case studies for some examples of how businesses have improved their water purification.

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