How we helped one manufacturer improve their production quality (in 2 easy steps)

How we helped one manufacturer improve their production quality (in 2 easy steps)

Many manufacturers experience production quality issues at some point, but not all realise that the vast majority of these issues can easily be resolved in one, or in this instance, two easy steps.

To put this into perspective, we wanted to tell you about our experience of working with one manufacturer in particular.

About the manufacturer

They were a company that produced cosmetics and toiletries. When they got in touch with us, they were using unprocessed mains water to produce their products, which is an extremely common thing to do.

The challenge they faced when diversifying their product range

However, they’d decided to add to their product range by manufacturing mouthwash, which they realised they couldn’t use their usual commercial water supply for. This was mainly due to the fact that the quality of the water they were working with needed to be of a higher microbiological quality than the standard tap water they’d always used.

They could have continued to use the tap water for their manufacturing processes, but this would have meant that their mouthwash wouldn’t have been of the correct standard or complied with the latest health and safety regulations.

Water Treatment UV Lighting

What we did to help them maintain standards

One of our senior designer engineers visited the site so that they could establish a first-hand understanding of exactly what was required.

We then fitted a UV filter system on to one of the manufacturer’s water outlets and advised them they should only use this outlet for their mouthwash production. This meant they had access to a constant supply of microbiologically-sound water that prevented them from experiencing any water quality-related downtime.

How we then took their water quality levels up a notch further

Shortly afterwards, the manufacturer noticed particulates were forming in their mouthwash products. This was happening because insoluble fluoride was forming between the minerals in their water supply and the sodium chloride they were using in their mouthwash formulations.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

We installed one of our Reverse Osmosis water (RO) treatment systems, so they could use RO water to manufacture all of their products. The end result: higher quality products and guaranteed quality. For more information about RO, take a look at our blog, ‘How does Reverse Osmosis work?’

Manufacturers can work more efficiently, meet and maintain health and safety standards, improve the quality of their processes, minimise downtime and save money, simply by investing in the right commercial water treatment system for their operations.

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