When might you need a nano filtration system?

If you are a business or organisation needing better quality water for drinking or processes, a nano filtration system will help you achieve this.

Nano filtration removes particles by passing water through a membrane leaving solids behind. The separation process provides softened drinking water without the salt cost produced by water softeners.


Situations where you might need a nano filtration system include:

  • To soften water for drinking without spending on salts
  • To reuse some of the reject water from reverse osmosis units
  • To produce drinking water from a bore hole which has hard water

Who might need a nano filtration system?

Businesses or organisations who need softened, safe water for drinking should consider nano filtration. Most borehole water needs treating before use and the level of treatment depends on the quality of the water. Hard water in borehole supplies can be successfully treated with nano filtration.

Manufacturers who need pure water for processes and already have reverse osmosis (RO) units in operation may consider adding nano filtration into their water treatment system. The reject water from the RO is passed through the nano filtration system to remove particles for reuse or for a soft water feed, preventing it being wasted and sent to drain.

What problem does nano filtration solve compared to other treatment methods?

The main benefit of opting for nano filtration over other water treatment methods is that it removes hardness without adding sodium back into the water. This saves businesses the cost of salt as part of the process and produces water suitable for drinking.

Look at our case studies for some examples of how businesses have improved their water purification.

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