Cleaning & Chlorinating

Cleaning and Chlorination

Cleaning and Chlorination to new and existing pipework and tanks

To ensure that you regularly maintain water hygiene in buildings it is important that you have a schedule of regular cleans and chlorination.

Excel Water can advise you of the correct schedule of maintenance required for your site.

All work is carried out in accordance with our ISO9001 system procedures and is in full compliance with relevant legislation and guidelines for preventing legionnaire’s disease, including the health and safety executives, legionella approved code of practice and guidance ACOP L8.

If you are laying a service pipe that is 63mm in diameter or greater and is longer than 18 meters in length, you will need to chlorinate the pipe before it is connected to comply with water regulations. You must be connected within 14 days of the chlorination.

Fast, efficient and reliable service with full certificate provided.