What’s the secret to our 98% success rate?

Excel Water Vision and Values

We have a 98% success rate with our water treatment customers

Most organisations say how good they are, but how many of them can back it up?

Fortunately, for our existing and potential customers, we can do both with confidence. And it’s all thanks to our 98% success rate, which we’re incredibly proud of and have managed to retain for the last 20 years.

Having been established for as long as we have, we’ve had ample time to refine and hone our products, processes, systems, virtually every element of our business to make sure we:

      √ Treat each and every one of our customers the same way.

      √ Make sure they receive the correct service within their timescales.

      √ Understand their requirements.

Delivering exceptional customer service is at the core of our business:

It all starts with the initial phone call

Our customers are greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable member of the team, who listens to their needs and asks the right questions to identify the right solution for them as soon as possible.

However, hearing these details isn’t enough for us

We like to fully understand the issues our customers are facing and develop a clear picture of their situation, which is why we always look to schedule a site survey.

Once the site survey has been completed…

….and our engineer is satisfied they have all of the details to be able to recommend an appropriate solution, we’ll then put together a proposal.

And when the proposal’s been signed off

We’ll assign our customer with a dedicated account manager, who’ll keep them updated on the build and expected delivery date.

We’ll then set an installation date

When that day arrives, our team of specially-trained engineers will set to work on the actual installation, which can take several days for more standard briefs and several weeks for more bespoke systems.

It’s incredibly important to us that our customers’ water treatment systems continue to work as well as they did on the first day we installed them, which is why we usually offer a service contract and service the systems we install on a regular basis, typically every 3 months

We believe in providing our customers with the very best water treatment solutions for their needs

Our History - Excel WaterWe also believe that their system should deliver optimum results for many years to come.

It’s one of the main reasons why we offer service contracts, as standard, and are incredibly responsive when it comes to repairs too. We’re renowned for our rapid response to breakdowns and strive to respond to calls within 48 hours of being contacted. It matters to us that our customers’ operations are back up-and-running again as soon as possible and that they experience minimum downtime.

Although we may have retained our 98% success rate for two decades, we’re not ones to rest on our laurels and are continuously making improvements, some based on internal discussions and others, on customer feedback, to make sure we’re the best we can be.

Looking forward, we aim is to carry out even more customer visits – so that they can share any issues they have with us as they occur – as well as ensure their systems are working at peak performance.

Friendly. Responsive. Knowledgeable. Dedicated. That sums up who we are and why we’ve managed to not just achieve, but retain our 98% success rate for so long and most certainly for many more centuries to come.

If you would like to experience the industry-leading service that has enabled us to achieve and retain our 98% success rate for so long, contact us on 0113 232 0005 or sales@excelwater.co.uk.

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