Manufacturers – this is how clean your water really needs to be…

We all pay attention to how clean and pure our drinking water is, but does the same principle apply to the commercial water supplies that are used to manufacture products?

The short answer is, no, but we’ve been working hard with companies across the pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical, glass and metal finishing industries for the last 25 years to highlight the impact their commercial water supply can have on quality control.

Do these challenges sound familiar to you?

You may be a manufacturer who’s noticed that the quality of your end product has suddenly started to deteriorate – for example, your mouthwash contains sediment or dirt particles, your UPVC windows look dull (more on this below) or your print runs contain bleeds or the ink’s diluted.

You’ll know that these challenges, if left unresolved, are going to cost your business in the medium to long-term. From the downtime and expense of putting those inaccuracies right, to the time it takes to redo everything.

This one thing could be the root cause of all of your problems

In most instances, quality control issues like these can be directly linked back to the commercial water supply. However, you’d be surprised at how many businesses don’t realise that it is the root cause of their issues.

The ideal is for companies to work with ‘clean’ AKA treated water that contains the right level of good components vs. bad components that are common within hard water supplies.

How ‘clean’ is clean?

There’s actually no limit to how clean your water supply should be, it very much depends on:

  • What you use your water for
  • If you’re using it to manufacture products
  • The type of products you’re producing

It’s also important to flag here that every industry will have its own regulations in relation to maintaining health and safety standards, as well as many other stipulations to abide by too. And some sectors will, of course, have stricter guidelines than others.

For instance, within the highly-regulated pharmaceutical world, given the nature of the products that are being produced and the associated health and safety implications, a cleaner water supply’s required (i.e. with a reading of less than 1µs/cm). However, within the glass industry, the water doesn’t have to be as pure, with cleanliness levels typically standing at around less than 30µs/cm depending on the type of glass being produced.

How clean is your water?

When was your commercial water supply tested? Has it ever been tested to your knowledge? 

Getting your water professionally tested by a water treatment and purification specialist is the only way to determine the true state of your water supply. If you’ve started to experience issues with the quality of your products, then now’s the time to have your water analysed. (For more on what assessing water purity involves, check out our blog).

In doing so, you’ll immediately discover the right water quality level for your business activities and the best measures for rectifying any issues with your current supply. For example, your existing water treatment systems may need servicing or repairing or you may benefit from having a totally different type of system fitted that’s more suited to your operations.

Safestyle UK is feeling the power of clean water  

Reverse Osmosis Systems

The window and door manufacturer have significantly transformed their operations since asking us to help make their processes more efficient. Their glass washing machine was being fed by two small water softening plants and Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, but they were experiencing failures with double glazed units.

We discovered that the overall water pressure was too low, which meant the system was constantly tripping out. As a result, Safestyle’s operators were having to bypass the system and use raw water to clean the units instead, which meant they weren’t as clean as they should be.

Since calling on our expertise, Safestyle are now using 100% of the water from their RO system, as opposed to sending 25% of it down the drain. Discover what we did to enable them to consistently produce high quality products and keep up with demand.

Working with the right commercial water supply for your business is integral to achieving and maintaining your desired quality levels and much more. To find out if your current supply is ‘clean’ enough, contact us to arrange a free survey. You can reach us on 0113 232 0005 or