Commercial water treatment for manufacturers – the process

Creating commercial water treatment for manufacturers – the process

The commercial water treatment system a business needs is dependent on the starting water quality. For manufacturers, a water treatment plant needs to produce water that matches the standards required for what’s being produced.

For instance, businesses that manufacture pharmaceuticals or food and drink, need a high level of purity for the water that goes into their products. Otherwise, the end products wouldn’t be safe for consumption.

When water is used within processes (for example in glass production), the water needs to be treated to remove particles which could damage the quality of the product.


How does the process work?

When designing and building water treatment systems for manufacturers, we start by assessing their water and talking to them about their operation. This is how the process works:

Site survey – we find out the necessary information, assess your space, and take the samples we need. It’s important we understand your water supply and processes to accurately propose the most efficient way of treating and reusing water.

Water testing – Depending on what needs to be tested we can do this at our facility where the samples are analysed or send them off to an external laboratory, and we determine what minerals need removing and what treatment will be most appropriate.

Build at our site – commercial water treatment equipment is built by our team of specialist engineers at our facility in Allerton Bywater, West Yorkshire. We have over 30 years’ experience building water treatment systems and we employ full time engineers in house.

Testing – equipment is thoroughly tested by our team. It might be the case that there are a few different stages to your commercial water treatment system. In which case, we’d make sure they work together efficiently at your site.

Install and Commissioning – we can install and set up your equipment. Once this has been commissioned our team are on hand to instruct staff on how to operate the equipment and explain any maintenance procedures.

Servicing and maintenance – to keep water quality at the required level, water treatment equipment needs servicing regularly and often comes with maintenance tasks. We can visit at arranged intervals to carry out the required checks and work.

Making space for a water treatment plant

You might be concerned you don’t have the extra space on site for the equipment. But every water treatment plant is chosen based on the customer’s needs and their operation. We help you accommodate the equipment without disruption.

Find out more about making space for a water treatment plant is our blog: How much space is needed for a water treatment plant?

We hope this has explained the process to establishing commercial water treatment for your site. For advice specific to your business, contact us on 0113 232 0005 or