Meet our new Senior Water Treatment Engineer, Roger Darlison

We’re constantly looking for experienced engineers to join our team at Excel, particularly when they bring specialist expertise with them. Roger is the newest Senior Water Treatment Engineer to join our team and will be providing customers with Continuous Electronic Dionisation systems.

CEDI technology enables the highest quality of pure water to be generated for manufacturing processes. The process doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals and provides increased water savings when compared with other methods.

We caught up with Roger to find out a bit more about the new service and his experience within the industry.

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We’re recruiting a water treatment engineer

We are a rapidly expanding water treatment company which has been providing customers with a thorough, high-quality service for the past 28 years. We specialise in providing water solutions for customer applications and provide them with bespoke solutions for any water treatment issues they may have. Due to expansion, we are seeking a Water Treatment Plant Service Engineer.

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Meet our new business development manager, Dominique White

Meet the team – Business Development Manager, Dominique White

Our team is made up of experienced and skilled professionals. To help businesses achieve the water purity and safety they need, we have a dedicated customer team.

The journey to purer water begins by talking to our team about your needs. Our new Business Development Manager, Dominique, will be helping customers do exactly this. She recently joined the team, and to mark the occasion, we spent a few minutes talking to Dominique about her role:

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Meet the team at Excel Water

It’s the end of a long, tough year and the team has kept us going here at Excel. Although this year has come with a great deal of challenges, work has continued safely throughout the pandemic, providing essential services, and helping customers manufacturer their products.

In the spirit of celebrating our team, we wanted to share some more about the people at Excel. We caught up with Emma Armitage, MD, and asked the rest of the team some questions.

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