Reverse Osmosis Plants Case Study

“We are a cosmetic and toiletry manufacturer and previously used unprocessed mains water in our products. However, about a year or so ago we began manufacturing mouthwash and the quality of water required needed to be of higher standard (microbiologically) than the “tap water” we used.

Installation of the C6000 Reverse
Osmosis Unit at Nicolas James

As a result, we put in a UV filter system on one of our water outlets and used this solely for water supply for mouthwash manufacture.

The results have been fine microbiologically and its installation has allowed production to be free-flowing and efficient.

However, recently we have seen “particulates” forming in our mouthwash products. I believe what is happening is the formation of insoluble Fluoride complexes between the minerals in our water supply and the sodium fluoride we are using in our mouthwash formulations.

Therefore a call was made to Excel Water Ltd, and their senior engineer Darren visited site and carried out a site survey.

He recommended a Reverse Osmosis system, provided drawings and carried out the installation in a professional and efficient manner.

We now use our RO water across the site, which in turn has provided us with products of a much higher quality than that we were previously producing.

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