Case study: reducing the bug count on an old system for a large drinks manufacturer

Find out how we helped a large drinks manufacturer by providing them with a new, sealed water tank.


We worked with one of the UK’s largest drinks manufacturers. They produce some of the nation’s most-loved drinks and supply to the global market. They reached out to us as they needed us to replace their old pure water tank.

The requirement:

We needed to remove the old, pure water tank and pump and supply the company with a new tank. We also needed to come up with a solution that mean we could stick to the tight budget given. 

The main challenge, outside of the budget limitations, was ensuring the water tank remained airtight. We also had to make sure the new tank fit perfectly in the original location, with very little room to work. 

The solution

We removed the old, unsealed tank and pump and replaced it with a new, sealed 500-litre water tank with a dust filter on that we manufactured ourselves. We designed the tank to be sealed and airtight despite the fact that the pump and filter had to be in it.

In order to stick to the tight budget, we reused the original pump in the new tank. 


We were able to provide our client with a new, sealed water tank that fit in the original location, was completely airtight and was within the required budget.

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