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    Company History

Company History

The company was set up by Brian Field, who is an apprentice trained Mechanical Electrical Engineer in the early 70s.

He served his time at Vickers defence factory in Leeds known as Barnbow. Vickers manufactured tanks and were a munitions factory during the war who were known for producing some of the best quality engineers in the country.

He then went on to work for AE Turbines manufacturing parts for aeroplanes. His career then moved in a slightly different direction when he accepted a job as a water treatment engineer for Permutit. His time at Permutit was well spent and in the 8 years he was there he progressed from general servicing to design engineer as well as in charge of training other engineers.

What changed?

Whilst working at Permutit, Brian could see a real gap in the market for the manufacture of demin plants so he decided to set up Excel Water to provide this service. The first demin plants were called EX30’s, EX60 and EX120 (the number relation to resin bed volume). We sold lots of these over the next few years and gave the company a real boost to get themselves known in the industry. The success of the company has been hinged on the fact that we have some really fantastic loyal customers who gave us additional work over the years and helped us grow the company.

Brian has retired over the last couple of years, and now only works in an advisory capacity and Excel Water is now run by Emma Armitage (his daughter) and Darren Field (his son).