• Demineralisation Systems

    Demineralisation Systems

    Delivering less than 1ms quality water with no pre-treatment and neutral effluent.

Demineralisation Systems

How they work

Demin plants consist of two pressure vessels; one containing cation and the other containing anion exchange resins. Raw water passes through the cation vessel first, where positively charged ions are chemically exchanged for hydrogen ions. It then continues to the anion vessel where negatively charged ions are chemically exchanged for hydroxide ions. The Hydrogen and Hydroxide ions combine to create pure water.

A demin plant then needs to be regenerated with hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide when necessary so the site where the plant is installed needs to have COSHH Regulations.

A typical demin plant normally takes between 2 – 3 hours to regenerate. The regeneration on our demin plants take approximately 20 minutes so very little downtime and the effluent on the plant is neutral so no consent to discharge is required.

Our demineralisation plant the EX Power, easily provides industry with large volumes of pure water of less than 1 micro siemens without the need for pretreatment or post treatment like Reverse Osmosis Plants. Due to the fact that they are a stand alone unit, they do not require a large amount of floor space either.

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