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UV, Filtration and Cartridge Systems

UV Systems

Typical Applications include treating drinking water from wells, boreholes, springs & other untreated supplies. Can be installed within a water treatment system before point of use and for recirculating loops and high purity water systems.

How does a UV System work?

Inside the stainless steel chamber runs a sleeve made of special quartz glass transparent to UV rays and a UV lamp inside this.  The sleeve is sealed into a chamber at each end creating a water jacket around the lamp.  Water to be treated enters the chamber at one end and exists at the opposite end.  As the water passes through the chamber it is exposed to the ultraviolet rays and micro-organisms are killed.

In private water supplies the UV system is the last part of the treatment system.  A sediment filter is normally fitted just before the UV, this stops particles getting through to the UV, behind which bacteria can hide.


Activated Carbon Filters – This is specialised filter media used mainly for dechlorination or removal of organic compounds and colour in water and other contaminants at low levels. The main benefits of carbon filtration are the elimination of tastes and odours. It is sometimes used in the post- polishing process.

pH Correction – This is for neutralising acid water and remineralising very pure water.

Iron & Manganese Removal – Iron and manganese can be removed with a catalytic filter media which used oxygen in the water to convert the metal ions from the soluble to an insoluble form. The insoluble precipitate is then filtered out onto the surface of the media.

Turbidity Filtration – General turbidity removal at high flows can be achieved satisfactorily down to low micron levels using a multimedia filter with a layered bed of gravel, filter sand, garnet and anthracite or filter AG media.

Triplex & Aerator Systems – for iron and manganese removal. This is a popular contaminant removal unit for many tricky waters. This uses a high-performance aerator/separator upstream of the filter bed and valve to increase the oxygen level but reduce the total level of other dissolved gases. The triplex filter media is a special blend of pH correction media, catalytic iron removal media and filter AG which has the combined effect of raising the pH and filtering out turbidity, iron and manganese. Triplex media is sometimes used for the removal of hydrogen sulphide. Unlike other systems, the Triplex system has the same service flow as backwash flow which reduced the need for higher output and make the triples ideal for domestic and light commercial applications.

Filter Cartridge System

Cartridge Systems are used to offer a simple way of tailoring a water treatment system to cope with specific individual needs. The housings are available in blue for portable systems or clear for certain filters or colour change applications. Cartridges can be free standing or mounted on a bracket, their simple design means that they can be fitted easily under the sink or at a handy dispensing point such as a workshop or laboratory bench.

A variety of water treatment techniques can be incorporated into a cartridge system including:

0.2 Antibacterial Filter up to 200 Micron
Activated Carbon
Standard of silver impregnated
Ion Exchange
A wide variety of resins available
We can fill to your exact specification

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